Debut Collection- R.E.M

Study of Colour presents the debut bedding collection "R.E.M", a pep talk in the form of a mantra. REACH.EXPLORE.MAKE.

Using a riot of colour and abstract pattern, R.E.M invites you to take the step towards achieving your dreams.

REACH beyond your boundaries, EXPLORE the possibilities, MAKE the impossible possible.

Be empowered. Wrap yourself in bold colours that inspire you to dream.

Pave Your Way, Quilt Cover

The assertive Zaffre colour combined with a striking pavement block pattern inspire a brazen journey towards your goals.

Ripple Effect, Quilt Cover

Imitating a fluid body of water, this ripple design uses the soothing tones of Igazu blue to slow you down and encourage you to consider action and reaction. 

Pigs Might Fly, Quilt Cover

Don't be discouraged. Retba pink promotes a carefree attitude, helping you to overcome hurdles in the way of your dreams.

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