About Study of Colour

It's about making a bold statement. About exploring your identity through a medium of colour and pattern.

Study of Colour is a design house, a philosophy and a rebellious force promoting design activism and the individual choice.  The label encourages autonomy in your design decisions. A new way of considering what to invite into your home and why. Through colour and pattern, a personality is shared. This concept defines the ethos of the label.

A new comer in the world of home design, Study of Colour was created in 2016 by co-founders Melissah Angelucci and Meaghan McNamara. Searching for meaning through design, the duo started on a path of dissecting the psychology of design decisions and the common fear of making the ultimate décor disaster.

Each collection explores the impact that social themes and symbolism have on our immediate surroundings. Bold colours and distinctive designs are used to make a statement, but not without a hint of controversy.